Offering Helper

Offering Management Made Simple!

Price List

Lite Version Plus Version
Offering Helper Program $95.00 $175.00
Additional network licenses  n/a $75.00 / computer
Upgrade from Lite to Plus n/a $100.00
Cloud Data Package   n/a $30.00/year
Support & Upgrades $75.00/year $85.00/year

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- BC residents please add 7% PST.

- Make checks payable to Dirks Consulting.

Offering Helper Store

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Please note the following:

CD Copy.  Offering Helper is available as a software download only. It is not available on CD.   However, if you purchase the program, you are encouraged to save a copy of the program installer in case you ever need to re-install the program on a new computer.  You can burn it to a CD or save it in any other format convenient to you.  Instructions for this are provided at the time of purchase, and can also be accessed here.

Support. The basic software license comes with 3 months free support.  If you opt for a 1 year support package at the time of initial purchase, you will receive 15 months of support.  Please note that the program will continue to work even if you let your support term run out.

Downloads. The program can be downloaded an unlimited number of times while you are on an active support package  (either the 1 year or the free 3 months).  This can be used to re-install the software if necessary, or to download program updates and new releases.  If your support term runs out and you download a new copy of the program, it will install as a demo and will expire after 45 days.

Licenses / Installations.  When you purchase Offering Helper, you get what's called a Basic License, which allows you to install the program on any number of computers, as long as they are all being used for the same church, and they are not networked together.  An example of this would be if you installed Offering Helper on a computer in your church office, and also in your home, and you shuttled data files back and forth using, for example, a USB flash drive.  This is allowed with the basic license.

If, however, you have multiple installations of Offering Helper that are all networked together, meaning they all share the same data files, either via a local area network (LAN), or the Cloud Data Package feature, you will need a license for each computer.  The program itself counts for one license, and additional network licenses will be required for the other computers. 

Example #1: You have Offering Helper Plus installed on 3 computers in your church office, all sharing the same data files via a LAN.  You would need to purchase 2 additional network licenses.  (Note that only the Plus version is network capable).

Example #2: You have Offering Helper Plus installed on 2 computers: one in the church office and one at your home.  You have purchased the Cloud Data Package to keep data synchronized between the two computers.  You need to purchase 1 additional network license.